ayeemoraless asked:
Do you have a link or a tag with all the 11 post you have done?

search #top30 to find them all

bambicci-deactivated20140403 asked:
Yayy I live here and I'm trying to find a blog that posts things to do and cool places to eat. All the other blogs suck, but This top 30 thing you're doing is perfect. But don't stop at 30! Keep em coming! 💙

haha thanks for the love, but i gotta cap it at 30.

primitive93 asked:
Went to the museum of death thanks to your post! It was awesome 👌

good shit!

rad-like-dan asked:
Your blog only has 11 places, very interesting so i was just wondering if you're done posting them all?

nope im still going to 30 don’t fret